If you are looking to visit a multidimensional country India is most certainly the place to go. It is an incredibly rewarding place to visit due to it being steeped in history, it having a fascinating religious background, diverse cities, delicious food, and breathtaking scenery. Being home to over a billion occupants and having the seventh largest landmass on the globe. On arrival, you may think you have strayed onto a different planet due to the masses of colliding cultures. If you are new to India you must visit Goa. In the 1970s it was the party capital of India, however, it has now become an attractive yet laid-back corner of the country. Sossegade or ‘take it easy’ is the areas saying.

What plug sockets are used in India?

In India the plug sockets used are type C / D / M, the following pictures show the outlets and plugs needed. When traveling from the UK you will need an adapter for types C / D / M.

If you’re after an adapter we would suggest looking into this multi-purpose adapter. Please do double check that it meets your needs.

What voltage & frequency is used in India?

In India, the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. This means you will be able to use all of your normal appliances in India as the voltage is exactly the same as in the UK, making your journey much easier. On this note, it is important to make sure you do check your appliances to confirm this is the case. Many appliances can be used across the world as they include a converter, this will be noted on the label showing ‘INPUT 100-240V, 50/60Hz’ meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Most products such as laptop chargers, tablet chargers, cameras, phones, and toothbrushes are included in this category, but please do a double check.