Endless picturesque beaches, paradisaical, reggae music and gorgeous views are just some of the things associated with the Caribbean island of Jamaica, which is why it is simple to understand why it is such a hotspot for tourists all year round. Snorkelling, surfing and sailing are some of the exhilarating activities that will be available for you if you were to visit. However if that is not for you do not fear, for there are hundreds of beautiful hotels that you could unwind in if a laid-back holiday what you are looking for.

What plug sockets are used in Jamaica?

In Jamaica the plug sockets used are type A / B, the following pictures show the outlets and plugs needed. When traveling from the UK you will need an adapter for types A / B.

If you’re after an adapter we would suggest looking into this multi-purpose adapter. Please do double check that it meets your needs.

What voltage & frequency is used in Jamaica?