Travel Adaptors & Info Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is a small country that shares a Carribean island with the French Overseas Territory of Saint Martin. Both territories basically have the same name but in both countries’ respective languages . With magical beaches, casinos, and span lagoons, Saint Maarten is a Carribean paradise. Go snorkeling in the azure waters of the Carribean and enjoy the beautiful underwater life. Moreover, the country is famous for its jewelry collection. Sint Maarten also features a festive nightlife scene. Hit a late-night party and enjoy drinks made with native guavaberry liquors.

What plug sockets are used in Sint Maarten?

In Sint Maarten the plug sockets used are type A / B, the following pictures show the outlets and plugs needed. When travelling from the UK you will need an adapter for types A / B.

If you’re after an adapter we would suggest looking into this Multi purpose travel adapters.

Please do double check that it meets your needs.

What voltage & frequency is used in Sint Maarten?

In Sint Maarten, the standard voltage is 110 V and the frequency is 60 Hz. As Sint Maarten Uses a different voltage to the UK and the rest of Europe you will need to be careful using your appliances. On the back of your device or appliance, it will show what voltage can be used, in most cases, this will be 100-240 v at 50/60Hz meaning it will automatically adjust and work fine. However, some devices such as hairdryers, kettles, etc may not work in the same way due to high power usage. Lower power items such as USB & laptop chargers in most cases will automatically adapt. Make sure you read the information on the back of your item as you may need a step-up voltage converter that will allow you to make use of UK devices, but please always check the information on your item.